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About The Impossible Quiz

If you want to play a game which will drive you crazy and make you feel like a dumb person, let me introduce the original edition of The Impossible Quiz - a quiz which is according to the developers is so hard that it is impossible to complete it. Let's find out together if it is so difficult or it's another marketing title to attract new users. The first thing that you should know about this game is that it was created 10 years ago and became super popular when a famous bloger created a video where he was playing the impossible quiz. Today, the game is still very popular with several new versions available. At our website you can try to first edition of the legendary quiz game to find out if the quiz is really so hard to complete.

The Impossible Quiz - The Level Of Difficulty

There are two opposite opinions on this subject - some people think that this quiz is very difficult while other think that it is silly. The truth lies between them - it is a mixture of difficult quiz with very tricky questions which you must take with some level of irony and fun. The greatest advice which I can give to you is to think outside the box to achieve success. The quiz is made in such manner that you may know the answer as soon as you read the question but almost always, the answer will be wrong. The key factor is not to hurry up and read the question and the asnwers once again to understand what did the author mean in this question. Some of the questions are really easy and most people give the right answers without any hassle. Keep in mind that there are more than 120 questions in this game and completing it even with cheat sheet can take a lot of time. The good news is that the questions don't change when you start quiz from the beginning and if you just remember the right answers, you can easily move forward and prove yourself that you can do the impossible - complete the quiz.

The Basic Rules Of The Impossible Quiz

There are several rules that you must know before starting to play this game. The most important one is about the number of lives you have. Each player has only 3 lives and this means that you can give the wrong answer 3 times before losing the game. But there is a tricky which you must keep in mind - when you give the wrong answer and lose one life, you don't skip the question. You still have to answer it but now you just have -1 options to choose from. One more thing that is important about this game is that some of the questions are pretty tricky - the answer may be hidden somewhere on the board you you will have to do some actions to reveal it. If you think that you are stuck you can always find a cheat sheet but I recommend you to avoid using cheats - it is always much more interesting to achieve success without any kind of help. Enjoy the game with us and don't forget to share your thoughts about it through the comment form below.

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